Taking your training online?

For training consultants, organizations and corporate executives who'd like to share knowledge

Why eLearning Society?


Take back control of your time! Learners can go through your courses as you focus on other adulting duties. Making teaching (for you) and learning (for learners) as flexible as it can be.

Extra Income

Help others grow in your subject area and sell your courses while you steadily grow your consulting portfolio

Build your Community

Build a community of leaners in the subject area you are passionate about, focus deeply into your topic of choice and build your expertise with constant feedback from your community by testing hypothesis in a real world setting

Launching your Course


Who would be an ideal course creator @ eLearning Society?

 Training consultants from all professional fields, executives currently employed in organizations and are leading their peers in the profession they are in. We are excited to work with organizations who would like their managers or star performers to train their colleagues on any topic. Institutions such as schools or universities who would like to take their courses online will find a digital home @ eLearning Society.

So how does this work exactly?

If you would like to record a course, reach out to us. We’ll ask you a number of questions to pre-qualify you and as soon as we’re done with the preliminaries we’ll start guiding you on how to build digitally consumable course content. We’ll then move forward to record the course, edit it and host it on our platform for learners to access the course.

Which subject areas should I focus on?

 eLearning Society welcomes professionals from all felids and backgrounds to come and record courses with us. We are focused on exploring new ideas and we’re excited to develop new fields of work and study. 

How much do I have to pay to record content?

We’ll agree on a revenue split before we begin our engagement with you. At no initial cost, we will build the course collaboratively, record and host it. After learners buy the course, we split the revenue. 

How will I make money?

Before we record the course, we will be keen to ensure that you start with the end in mind. Ensure that you build the course with a defined group of learners in mind. Monthly earnings will be disbursed to you equivalent to the number of licenses that have been bought and subject to our split agreement.

Are you Ready?

We’re counting on you to lead the way in generating new knowledge and discovering new skills to improve the way we work and live.